19 February 2013

Born and raised in the beautiful Segeroth of Essen (Ruhr / Germany) is an artist with a
endless love for details. He devotes his attention to all prototypes, which are not suitable for mass production and will be sorted out. They are the best people in a world of conformity. Do not look for truth in beauty, because beauty is no longer innocent … We turn briefly a TV commercial! Maximum fun at reasonable prices … and now it’s back! Our brain runs roller coaster and we kill our final dreams. The 21th Century is a century without secrets, yet with no future … similar to a boxing fight between a ferocious beast, and God in us. It will never end … round 12!


To put it in his own words:
“A life for the art, to me the only possible way. It takes effort to reconcile the art of survival with the art of good living. So I run alongside my legitimate work as an artist, a looping bowling alley in Lapland. ”


“I have a natural dislike against the ordinary things of life. Although almost everything in life arises from conflict,living for the arts is the only possible way of living to me. Every time you draw a line, you have to know,that you play at high risks. It’s nothing less then the wellness of your soul, that’s at stake.Long live the color, long live the form. Long Live the Art!”


Describe yourself within 10 words

Can someone, who succumbs to an illusion or is part of the human tragedy describe himself with 10 words?

Describe your work within 10 Words

We should let speak the works of POP AMOK for themselves.

Who ́s the first artist/photographer that comes to your mind first?

Arnold Böcklin

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where do you come from and where is your journey going to?

I grew up in the harsh neighboorhood of Segeroth in the west of the Kruppstadt Essen. Thats where POP AMOK was created. After the arts studies, I helped my old parents until they died. In the face of death people realize to seperate important from unimportant things. My art was all that remained. In honor of my deceased parents and in honor of the living people I will continue painting. No one can say where the road takes him. Painting is my only way out of the darkness into the light. Whatever the light is!

How would you describe your style?

A friend gets to the point: „Imagine that your brain were some kind of well-ordered drawers, everything in its place: movies, comics, art, literature... everything that you have lived and experienced has a place within you, all this forms what you are today. Now imagine that you stumble and everything you thought you knew ends in a large drawer disaster, a craziness of colors, shapes and references to different cultures: pop, rave, punk and hippie. Want to see the result? The work of Richard Alexander Heckert is perhaps an accurate approximation...Nonconformist birth, has turned his addiction to detail into illustrations that over the time have been refining his style, being today a kind of update of the poster-art aesthetic of the counterculture of the late sixties. The themes that emerge from twisted shapes of various colors have to do with ego problems, the consumerist society we live in, the culture of video games, the industrialization and religion. A prism through which Heckert shows us the world.“ Pablo IA (Belio Magazine).

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

My house is on fire? The whole world is on fire and we should ask ourselves how we can protect our beautiful world from the flames of irresponsible greed. If we do not stop that, the future will fall victim to the flames.

Something you want the world to know about you?

The reader should know about me, that I adore the art as the supreme good of the human spirit. For me is Art a religion of freedom and POP AMOK is my personal prayer.

Tell us a song that has haunted you.

Jefferson Airplaine - „Somebody to Love“

What keeps you motivated and inspires you go to on every day?

I am looking for freedom through my work. If fate wants me, I will dedicate my life entirely to the art of POP AMOK. I am inspired by the idea to combine the good life with the struggle for survival. My art gives me a chance to translate people a message that life is beautiful and we must win our senses back. Our feelings and thoughts do not get the length and depth of a advertising clips. The thought inspires me, that people realize that TV and digital perfection can not substitute the beauty of the world, the only one and never duplicate original. And mankind destroys blind because his senses are clouded. The POP AMOK documents the blind neurosis of the Apocalypse. Colorful, funny, exciting and crazy like the whole world of commerce ... Andy Warhol is dead and we are ghosts in his tomato soup.

What did you want to be with 13?

A mountain...

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?

It is difficult to separate the passion for art from the cold marketing. Own art marketing often means an alienation of the artist from his original path. The artistic work and his commercialization are opposing forces. I am naive and trust on my fortune and I ignore all coming disasters!

Was können wir in 2013 von dir erwarten, gibt es schon konkrete Pläne?

What can we accept from you in 2013, any concrete plans?

2013 will be an interesting year, because after a long struggle for more publicity, the works of the POP AMOK will be exhibited in various galleries, art fairs and stores. This year, I will exhibit next time in the Can Pop Gallery in Girona (Spain) and I have contact to Marburae Gallery in Cheshire/UK . I am currently working on an funny art project with the "Freudenhaus" Theatre in Essen. It is a beautiful, young spirited art form and it would be my greatest wish to inspire the youth for my works.

italian or chinese?

Yes, Sir!