17 April 2012

Manuel di Rita is a young Italian artist born in a small town near Venice (Italy). He started to write Peeta since the beginning of the 90es and soon became a well-known writer within the Italian graffiti scene, also thanks to his partnership with the Paduan EAD crew. He has approached different styles, and has finally elaborated a personal technique which takes inspiration from sculpture and industrial design and consists on a highly original execution of the 3D painting. His success as a graffiti writer has pushed him to exceed very soon the Italian boundary.

He started travelling all around the US and Canada, spreading his art and reaching a huge popularity on an international scale, especially thanks to his participation to many graffiti contests, Meeting of Styles and personal and collective exhibitions. In respect to this, it is very useful to remember two important collaborations: the one with the FX crew (since 2003) and the other with the RWK crew (since 2006), both from New York.

He’s completely into graffiti and painting, his passion has became a lifestyle and has been pushing him to continuously research, study and deepen his knowledge of new techniques, materials and shapes. The elaboration of his personal style came from the intention of joining together traditional lettering with 3D painting. This experiment has finally ended up in giving life to a unique kind of visual rhythm, created by the intersecting lines between sections of conic, cylindrical and twisting surfaces. The role of sculpture comes to be essential for this purpose. In fact, sculpture represents for the artist a direct contact with three-dimensionality and so it helps him to find nice 3D effects and to deeply understand the rules of light and shadows. If at the beginning of his career sculptures and canvases were considered only as means of technical exercise to finally paint on walls, they’ve then became work of art themselves. In this way his art has been able to reach a very bigger audience, getting to worldwide art galleries.