06 March 2013

the images are from the serie called morceaux de cosmos. This story is talking about the 9 mouth of pregnancy.



Describe yourself

Im' a Parisian photographer and a young father. A kind of "teenult" (between teen and adult). And I try to be a good Christian.

Describe your work within 10 words

First, I like to experiment and surprise myself. In my pictures, I try to reveal what we can't see. It's a kind of impossible and utopic project. Like the spirits photographer, I try to show the spiritual and the unseen face of of the world.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

My family

5 things you would buy with 5€/$ ?

I don't buy, I steal

Hero of your childhood?

NBA'ers! Scottie Pippen, Anfernee Hardaway, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan and stuff...

How would you describe your style?

Sometimes spiritual, sometimes voyeuristic, sometimes fashion. It's depend of the mood and also the client...

What keeps you motivated and inspires you to go on every day?

The mystery.

How are you handling the business part of being an artist?

It's a shity bizness but sometimes you can earn less to go 2 mounts holiday  !

Imagine what you were going to do if you wouldn't be an photographer?

singer or painter

italian or chinese?

french & indian !