25 February 2013

The images of dark, wet, empty nighttime urban streets are haunting, populated by power lines and the harsh light of an uncovered street lamp. However, the canvas that German artist Lena Schmidt uses are pieces of found wood, which she works on with marker and knifes to come up with her cityscapes—all of that eerie light, the brick facades, the watery streets are created by drawing and scraping, all in tones of off-white and black. Schmidt calls her artworks urbanscapes—they refer to places that generate themselves from nonplaces, she says, from the transit zones of the city, traffic interchanges, road systems, crossroads and deserted old industrial brick buildings.



Describe yourself within 10 words.

I always try to give my best. Sometimes too hard.

Describe your work within 10 words

The beauty of urban sceneries at night on found wood.

Who´s the first artist/photographer that comes to your mind right now?

David Lynch

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where do you come from and where is your journey going to?

I was born in Bremen in 1981. I studied Fine Arts in Hamburg. My life was very turbulent so far and i am still in the process of balancing everthing out. I try not to think about the future too much as i do not have the slightest idea where i am going and i get nervous when i think about it.

I do live in the now most of the time.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

First my boyfriend and my dog, then my roommates and my laptop, then my works.

5 things you would buy with 5€/$?

„Edding“ marker - i can never have enough, new socks - they are all holey, post-stamps - i never have them when needed, a present for someone i love – keeps the heart warm, sweets – keep me in a good mood.

What did you want to be with 13?

In that time my bigest wish was to be as normal as possible. With 14 i changed plans as it did not work out.

Hero of your childhood?

That´s really hard to say. When i look back i would say my mother. She is a strong women who gave her best to bring us up on her own. And my former pony  - he saved my live because he was my best friend and i will never forget riding through the forests, being alone with the smells and sounds of nature.

Something you want the world to know about you?

I might be moody sometimes, but i try to be a good person.

How would you describe your style?

It is a crossover between sculpting, painting and drawing with an illustrative aspect.

What keeps you motivated and inspires you to go on every day?

Even though it is hard sometimes: the beauty and wonder of life, of being (which is a mystery: how can there be something like the universe, if there is nothing where it came from: i am getting knots in my brain trying to think about that). And even though i struggle to keep it up: hope

How are you handeling the business part of being an artist?

Not very good. It wears me down. I try to work hard, stay true to myself and not to be stressed out by it to much. I wish somebody could take over that part for me. Then i could concetrate solely on my work in the studio.

Imagine what you were going to do if you wouldn't be an artist?

Earn money –haha-. No honestly: i do not know.

What can we expect from you in 2013, any concrete plans?

There is a solo show coming up in April in my hometown Hamburg. I am very excited about showing in Hamburg again as it is the first solo show there since 2009.

„Memories Of Forgotten Places“ at Braeuning Contemporary.

italian or chinese?