10 July 2012

Describe yourself with 10 words.

Frenetic, short, transparent, wordy, shiny, olives, cheese, wine, cats, fiction.

Describe your work with 10 words

Frenetic, tall, transparent, multi-layered, realism, textural, wild, ambiguous, documentary.

Who´s the first artist/photographer that comes to your mind?

Jose Parla is one of my heroes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where do you come from and where is your journey going to?

I come from the East Coast of the US, where I grew up near the ocean. I now live in the City of Providence. I've shown my work everywhere from California to London and Mexico, and have recently traveled to some small towns in Italy and Spain, so I hope that my journey will be a wide and global one.

How would you describe your style?

I initially learned to paint as a photo-realist, and I enjoy creating illusions of surface and depth in my paintings. However, I also have a background in signpainting and street art, so more and more often I am combining lettering, abstraction, and fields of pure color and texture into my work.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

My husband. My cats. My giant philodendron plant. Maybe my laptop and some nice boots if I have a chance.

Something you want the world to know about you?

I may look small but I can eat more than you, and probably do more push-ups.

Tell us a song that has haunted you.

Make Your Own Danger by Alina Simone

What keeps you motivated and inspires you go to on every day?

The understanding that I have led an extremely lucky life, one in which I get to choose my fate every day. Because of that I want to live the most awesome life I can, and leave a positive mark.

What did you want to be when 13?

An artist. Maybe a writer. I think I also wanted to own a vegan restaurant, but that was a terrible idea.

How have you handled the business side of being an artist?

I don't know, you tell me! I think I do fairly well at self-promotion, as I'm not afraid to approach galleries and curators, promote myself online, etc. I could work harder on selling my pieces if I put my mind to it, and I know that I should make a better living if I made prints and such, but in the end I don't want business to intrude too much on my art making.

What can we accept from you in 2012, any concrete plans?

I currently have a piece in a show called The Great Westward Migration; it's a show to benefit sharks that's traveling between many galleries on the West Coast... you can learn more about it at I also have a few pieces in group shows at Thinkspace and Stolenspace. What's really exciting me right now, though, is a new series of paintings I'm working on that I havne't shown anyone yet. They're completely unlike anything I've ever done (there are no birds or animals in them, and no text). If you keep an eye on my website I should be revealing them within a couple of months.

italian or chinese?

Italian. ALWAYS Italian.